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An Extract from Chapter Two: Ned Kelly’s Masterplan

Joe Byrne holds a clandestine meeting with the Sherritts in this extract from the second chapter of Glenrowan.

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Glenrowan on Film: The Last Outlaw

To date the most accurate dramatic on-screen depiction of the Kelly story is the 1980 television mini-series The Last Outlaw. Though far from perfect, it comes very close at times to being spot on. The series was originally imagined as a sprawling epic over around a dozen movie-length episodes like the previous production by the […]

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The Armour

The Kelly armour is one of the most famous, and popular, symbols in Australian culture. It has helped to elevate Ned Kelly from being a mere bushranger to being a symbol of rebellion. But, how did it come to be and how have these four steel suits become such important historical relics? This article will give you all you need to know.

Glenrowan History News Reports


A contemporary new report describing the siege and Ned Kelly’s arrival in Melbourne.

History News Reports


A contemporary news report covering the immediate aftermath of the siege.

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Inquest on Sherritt

A report on Aaron Sherritt’s inquest.

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Glenrowan on Film: The Glenrowan Affair

A look at how the Glenrowan siege was presented by the film The Glenrowan Affair.

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Sherritt and the Kelly Gang

A news report covering Ned Kelly’s transfer to Beechworth and Aaron Sherritt’s relationship with the Kellys and police that led to his murder.

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Joe Byrne Fact Sheet

A quick overview of key points about the historical outlaw.

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The Author Speaks: on symbolism

A brief discussion on the use of symbolism in ‘Glenrowan’.